Eye Candy Publication Design

On a shopping trip with a friend (well we were really going to all the boutique shops to see if we could pick up any nice look-books) I came across Agent Provocateur; a very high-end lingerie boutique.  I have walked passed it many times before and wanting to have a peep, but never had the guts to go in!
So I decided to go in thinking 'there would no harm in going in and asking for their look-book publications'.   And I am so glad I did, the woman was very helpful and gave me three publications they had and popped them into a bag for me.  The following photographs are of the three different publications;

Classics Collection
The classic range of the brand; subtle, sexy and not tacky.  The stock of the cover felt like velvety soft skin and had the brands name in spot varnish (looking hidden).
The layout of the pages is simplistic and lets the images do the talking with the purposely small font of just the name of the outfit.

Christmas Collection
The christmas range of the brand; a cheeky name to the collection with again a luxurious feel, with velvety soft stock for the cover and spot varnish title.  Simple garment photographs, with photo-shoots of the garments in action.  The format of the book hides pink pages within, hinting to the ‘intimacy’ of lingerie.

A/W Collection
A flip book, illustrating the provocative and sexy nature of the brands underwear range.
A woman posing and moving in a sexy manner infront of the viewer (seen through a TV screen layout).

Being so intrigued by the design, I wanted to know who had design them.  Looking for my answer I emailed them and got the reply;
"Please be informed that our in-house creative team, design our look books."
What a helpful reply! Eek it is annoying me that the designer/designers aren't able to get the credit?


  1. Eek I Love These Books!
    Especially The Flip Book!(Does That Make Me A Perve)?

    I Know What You Mean About Designers Not Getting Credit Though. Not Cool At All!

  2. Haha no it doesn't make you a perve! if your appreciating the book design concept!