Blue for Global Government - Workshop with Ian Anderson

So I got invited by a friend from my course Rebecca Dudgon to participate in a Workshop that she had taken part in over the year with Ian Anderson.  Being very nervous I reluctantly (but excitedly) took the opportunity. 

Arriving at the workshop, we all got mixed around (as Ian wanted us to work with people we didn’t know so well) to answer the 24 hour brief and I got put into a group with five other students.

The Brief

Set in the future we were given separate colours and within our colour groups we were asked to present why our colour would be the best and should be chosen for the global government.

It was a very long day of mind mapping and trying to come to a conclusion of why our colour ‘BLUE’ would be the best.  We wanted to finalize our argument so we would have time the next morning to put together and practice the presentation.

Blue for Global Government

Blue is Unity, Versatility and True.  
The sky is all encompassing and unites the world and it is blue.
Versatile- as it has many different definable shades of blue.
Informative – could mean; stop, get ready and go (with the example of using three different shades of blue in a traffic light).
Calming – blue is known to have a calming effect.
Trusted – Most popular colour for uniforms globally.

The experience was a great one as I got to work with students I hadn’t worked with before and got to do a workshop which was beneficial as it made me think; focus on ideas and also helped me get a taste of what it would be like in industry as most of the time you would be working with a group of people, collaboratively.

Self Reflection
  • Always remind yourself why your are pitching
    Show how it can be used (visual examples) – clients generally cannot imagine design how we can, so it is important to make it visual; this was a detail that Ian had said the groups had lacked on, explaining that we had focused more on why our colour was great and not how it could be used by the government.
  • Presentation Skills
    It is important to practice and know what you are talking about, presenting your ideas is what makes other people understand your work and if you are not able to articulate your thoughts then your ideas mean nothing.
  • Be up for opportunities!
    I was really nervous about doing this workshop, but I am glad I decided to take part; I need to bite my tongue and say YES more often!


Michael Mercer-Brown / Me / Alex Colbeck / Nina McNamara / Jennifer Oliver / Amy Minto

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