OSA/MERZEN/ - Cube Gallery

This exhibition was based on the reflection of the work of artist Kurt Schwitters, osa developed an accessible and tangible installation in the space of CUBE gallery in Manchester.  The installation refers to the collage technique of Schwitters’ called ‘Merz’, a method of rearranging collected objects such as papers, timber, wire, text snippets and paint.

YMCA Flag, Thank You, Ambleside, 1947 (mixed media) by Schwitters is the reference point osa are using in particular.
The installation transformed the gallery space by using materials collected and provided by the city of Manchester, with the aim to blur the border between existing space and installation i.e. frame and content.

When I got the email telling me about this exhibition I thought it was an interesting concept, and the point that drew me to go visit was the fact that the installation was inspired by the Merz style of Kurt Schwitters. 
When I walked in, it looked like a junk site.  Giving the gallery a chance, I went further in and realized how ‘merged’ the gallery did feel.  The shapes within the space of the gallery were transformed into a piece of art.  The most intriguing parts of the exhibition for me were how they had changed the angle of what looked like the ledge of the stairs.  And also the random door I saw when I walked out of the gallery, hovering in front of the RIBA book shop window with the text ‘osa merzen’.

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